Who We Are

Still Lake Listeners

Still Lake Listening

Still Lake Listening practitioners are certified spiritual directors.

We are contemplative, compassionate listeners who ask spacious questions, helping you tend your own deep Self, your Soul.

We’re here to listen, without judgment. We will come alongside you, offering curiosity and hope. We can delve into identity and purpose, dying and death, shame, spiritual abuse, complex trauma…all of the Stuff of Life.

We are committed to full inclusion – whether you believe in God, don’t believe in God, or are just trying to figure things out.  We welcome any religious tradition, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or family structure.


Spiritual directors companion you as you notice...

Find us on our contact page, Facebook, and Instagram. Or, just give us a call/text: 403.613.5241

Looking for one-on-one support? Consider booking  3 sessions at first (typically one session a month). This gives you the opportunity to see if Still Lake is a good fit for you.

Looking for a group conversation? Visit our Events page to see what’s currently offered.

Listening care is for all. If payment is a worry, let’s talk about that. There’s more on this on our fees page.

Looking for another perspective? Check out, “Can Spiritual Directors Help?” New York Times, Andrea Cooper