Who We Are

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We come alongside you as you explore the intersection of



Explore, “Who am I, now?” and “Who is God, now?” through one-on-one and group soul care. Contemplative/mindfulness walks, discernment care, email sessions, and retreats are all available, too. Engage in-person or virtually. 

  • What does “spiritual” mean in this context? Still Lake Listening is not affiliated with any religious group, organization, or denomination. We understand that spirituality is different for each person. In a beginning way, we might borrow from Rami Shapiro and wonder if spirituality is the part of each of us that has an “ever-deepening capacity to embrace life with justice, compassion, curiosity, awe, wonder, serenity, and humility.” For us, this is about turning inward with compassion so that we can turn outward with the same. For a deeper dive into some of what this can be about for you here, explore what others have experienced, or “What is the difference between therapy and spiritual direction“.

  • Who this is for? For those who are hurting, curious, uncertain, wishing, healing, deconstructing, reconstructing — all of The Things!

  • How often can I see you?  One-on-one sessions are usually one hour long. We can meet as regularly as you wish. Some clients engage this kind of care for a few sessions; many are served by it once/month for years. Explore our Co-Learning page for small group sessions. Meeting in person? We serve from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Online sessions are booked via Zoom or FaceTime.

  • What will this cost? The subject of payment for spiritual direction is sensitive — Michelle and Sandra’s wish is that your experience here would not feel transactional in any way. Typically, directees offer $85.00 – $120.00 per session. Many pay as they can afford. Let’s talk about this. Connect by email, or by phone (403.613.5241).

Who Are Still Lake Listeners?

We are certified spiritual directors.

We are contemplative, compassionate listeners who ask spacious questions, helping you tend your own deep Self, your Soul.

We listen. Without judgment. We come alongside you in your exploration of identity and spirituality offering curiosity and hope. At Still Lake Listening you might find companion, confidante, and co-learner. Together we delve into identity and purpose, dying and death, shame, spiritual abuse, complex trauma…all of the Stuff of Life.

We are committed to full inclusion (we are accepting and affirming) – whether you believe in God, don’t believe in God, or are just trying to figure things out. We welcome your religious tradition, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and family structure.

We companion you as you notice...

Text on slate blue background reads accept affirm align with a heart shaped LGBQT2S flag Still Lake Listening Home

Reach out today for a first time meet-up. Get a sense about what this might be like for you! Click here for to connect with Michelle or Sandra. Discover us on Facebook or Instagram. Or, just give us a call/text: 403.613.5241. 

One-on-one and group listening care are here for you. Visit our Co-Learning page to explore our small group offerings.

If you are facilitating a group (online, or in person in Alberta, Canada), we can come alongside in that, too. 

Listening care is for all. If payment is a worry, let’s talk about that. 

Looking for another perspective? Check out, “Can Spiritual Directors Help?” New York Times, Andrea Cooper