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Today's News

Another day, a new impossible awful. How are you doing with today’s news?

Today’s news brought us to quiet…again…

Today’s news headlines were rough again, weren’t they?

Gunman kills 19 children in Texas elementary school.
Palestinian teen shot dead in Israeli raid.
Blast in Kabul mosque, ISIS bombs in north Afghanistan kill 14.
Concern over global financial crisis grows at World Economic Forum meeting.
Food crisis fuels fear of protectionism compounding shortages.
Southern Baptist church to release secret database of accused sexual abusers.

What do you notice happens in you when you even catch a glimpse of the click bait on your social feed? Or hear a sound bite from the day’s news? We are curious about what it means to offer non-anxious presence in a trembling-with-anxiety world. What might that mean for you?

A non-anxious presence in an anxious world

A slow learning-in-the-same-direction here at Still Lake is the practice of contemplation. Peace as practice. Hope as practice. Terror-loss-grief held in the practice of silence. Holy Mischief as practice (because, Friends, we so need a consistent relationship with sass and funny and joy)! What is this like for you to consider? Do you have practices like this in place, too? We would love to hear about those!

And so today
a new Impossible Awful 
More babies lost
to systems of power
creeping hate
and shouted debate
We’ll throw so many
words at this today
Trying to Make Meaning,
but until I understand
that I am the healer
and I am the monster,
we are stuck in the same
Until I understand
that I am the warrior
and I am the deserter,
we are stuck in the same
Until I understand 
that I am Mercy
and I am cruel
we will remain, spiral, unravel, do harm.

Right now
In this moment…
And this moment…
And now this moment…
Will I be Peace
The Healer
The Warrior
~ Sandra McDonald

I don’t know how to do this on my own…

Our lived experience? We need consistent and steady-hand companionship in practicing non-anxious and peaceful Ways. Today’s news brought us each to our own practice of silence. Guided by others who know how to help us direct our attention inward — inward toward God (as we understand godself); inward toward Self. And outward, too (especially?), as we join in the global longing for safety and peace.

What about you? Do you need space to unpack? Could you use support as you tend to your own anxiety, sadness, or even hope? Join us at our Wednesday evening drop-in from 7:00 – 8:30pm. Or, if you would like some concentrated one-on-one care, pop us an email/text. Michelle and Sandra have session times available. ‘Not the right fit for you? We will confidently recommend other spiritual directors/compassionate listeners who may be a good fit for you. You do not have to do this alone right now.

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