One on one listening sessions: talk about whatever is on your mind. Offered in person, over the phone, or online.

Group listening sessions: guided group conversations which may begin on a specific topic of interest. See our Events page for times and locations.

Individual or group spiritual direction (spiritual therapy). Available in person, or over the phone/online. This kind of listening care is about life’s most complex questions: Am I loving well? Am I living fully? Will I die well? Who am I, and why am I here? Who is God? Is God?

Walk & Talk listening walks (one-on-one, group, or spiritual direction). Interested in Mindful/Contemplative walks? We offer those, too. See our Events page for times and locations.

Michelle is a contemplative listener and patient teacher. She’ll hear the heart and story beneath your words, caring deeply for the person you are at your core. She knows stuff. A lot of stuff. She can offer guidance and instruction where needed, but it’s more likely that she’ll help you connect with what it is that you already know. Her experience with dying and death, shame, betrayal, and personal resilience ensure safe insight.

Sandra is an empathetic listener who will hold your story carefully. She’ll listen for the questions that will best serve you in living your life richly, deeply, truly. She believes that you deserve dignity, and that your story is sacred. Trauma, spiritual abuse, core shame, and relationship story are some of the growth areas you may want to touch into with her.

Listening care is intended for all. Your story may touch into violence, abuse, loss, or neglect. You may wrestle with identity (race, gender, sexual). You’ve found a haven here, no matter what your story.