Freaked About Finances? Pennies, Panic, and Permission


“We can all get good with money; we need to get good with our emotions, first…Financial freedom is for the few, but financial wholeness is for everyone.” Tiffany Aliche (NPR)

Sitting across from my own financial advisor, I notice a few wobbles: anxiety, hope, confusion, and an invitation to trust the process.

Are you feeling freaked about your finances? Money and big emotions are uncomfortable bunk mates. Can we find peace, and perspective in the middle of the mess? Who can we trust to provide support and direction?

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Grief | I Am Well When You are Well


Your grief is your own. But you already know that, hey? You might feel the support of those that care so much about you; you know just how much of the stuff of sorrow is moved through alone. There are as many ways of Being With grief as there are humans to grieve.

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The Guest House | Big Emotions Welcome Here

three wooden hearts sit in a wooden box text reads The Guest House welcoming big emotions spiritual direction

The idea that big, difficult feelings all (all!) belong –like visitors to the guest house — can bring a life-changing shift. Even anger and resentment? Shame? What about sadness or embarrassment? You can make peace with big emotions.

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