Spiritual Direction | 9 Reviews That Say it Better

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Something extraordinary happens when a Listener bears witness to our life. To our story. No judgement. Just wonder and curiosity. Curiosity expressed through patient questions that invite us to go deeper, deeper, deeper into what it is that makes us come alive.

Who am I?

Who is God? Is God?

What gives me joy?

What is breaking my heart?

This is spiritual direction.

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Reverent and Unresolved | Peace in the Unknowing


This isn’t a real journal entry…Perhaps it’s more of an art journaling of what it is to be unknowing and unresolved about some of life’s big questions. Is there something here that rings Truthful-Hopeful-Free for you, too?

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Compassionate Listening | How do I know if it’s for me?

Compassionate Listening

Compassionate listening was my ship’s-turned-over life boat. I stumbled head over heart, blindly and confusedly, into it just in time. My own spiritual director (compassionate listener) settled in across from me miraculously, I suppose? What would it be like for you to have a listener who gets it: you’re saying what you’re saying for reasons that are good enough for you. You are telling the truth; you are ready to explore all of what that “truth” might be about.

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