Contemplative Walks

Are you finding it difficult to breathe? To find quiet heart and quiet mind? Join us for a guided, weekly contemplative walk along the Bow River in Cochrane, Alberta. A contemplative walk is an invitation to slow down, to notice, to become aware and awake to what Is. What am I feeling in my body? What am I drawn to? What brings me joy in my surroundings? What happens in me when I quiet my mind and attend to my senses?

What to expect on a walk:

– 9:00am meet-up with the group at the off-leash park parking lot (see map)
– Throughout the walk, you will be invited to pause, to breathe, to notice what is around you and within you
– There will be space for both silence and mindful conversation as we journey
– Walk will last approximately 1 1/2 hours, calm or stormy weather (all bring a different noticing)
– Fee: by donation
– Questions? Call, text, or message us @ (403) 613-5241

Drop-in Groups

Upcoming Drop-in Groups modified for the short-term due to COVID concerns. We hope to re-start group drop-ins in Fall, 2020.

Michelle and Sandra are available for one-on-one conversations via phone, streaming platform, or email. We do not provide emergency listening support, but we are able to provide short turn-around time on booking appointments.

You can reach us at 403.613.5241, or You can also connect via Facebook.

Group events are held downstairs at Dara Health in Cochrane, Alberta. Prefer a different location? Let us know. We’re mobile.

For detailed information on these, and other upcoming events, please email us at, or call/text to 403.613.5241.