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A two minute invitation into What If? and wondering….

A two minute think from Meggan | From one ocean to another

In Mary Magdalene Revealed, Meggan Watterson writes,

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first went to church as a little girl. Yes, I do. I was expecting the outside to be like the inside. I wanted the great big, unsayable love I felt within me to be seen or witnessed outside of me. Back then before I felt separated from it, there was this wide expanse of love inside me, like my own private ocean.

And so, I guess I was expecting for church to be this place where everyone walks around and greets each other, from one ocean to another, their innermost self, right there on the surface, their inner world rising up from the depths for a breath of fresh air. A place where we can hang our masks at the door, and just help each other be human. A place that reminded me how to be here in this world while not forgetting the part of me that is not of it.

But that wasn’t what it was like.

Two minute pause | Thinking your own thoughts

As you read Meggan’s thoughts on church, what do you notice in yourself?

Have you found the kind of community (faith, or otherwise) that she names?

Does her longing reflect your own?

How do you want to be with that today? Going forward?

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