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You’ve found the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of connecting here at Still Lake Listening. Read on to learn about one-on-one, group, and walking sessions. We are all co-learners in this exploration of Self and Spirituality. Here’s how….

How Still Lake Listening can serve you

Whether you are an individual, or a group facilitator/pastor/wellness practitioner, Still Lake is here to come alongside you in your journey. Settling in at the intersection of spirituality and identity, we can curate care that meets you (or your group) just where you are.

Who we are | A bit about Still Lake spiritual directors

Get to know Michelle and Sandra just a little on our webpage. ‘Not enough detail to be found? Just reach out. We are happy to connect for an initial meet-up so that you can get a sense of what we’re about.

Why you may wish to explore this kind of care

If you or your group are curious about going deep, this kind of intentional, curious, listening care is for you.

Also known as a spiritual companion, mentor, or guide, a spiritual director helps people explore their relationship with the divine, discover their inner wisdom, and navigate their spiritual journey.

The role of a spiritual director is to listen attentively, ask insightful questions, and provide a safe
and nonjudgmental space for you to explore your beliefs, experiences, and questions
about spirituality
. We accompany you as you discern your values, explore
prayer or meditation techniques, interpret sacred texts, navigate challenges and doubts, or
find meaning and purpose in your life.

While we may draw upon our own spiritual traditions, knowledge, and practices, our primary focus is on assisting you in connecting with your own spiritual path. We do not impose our beliefs or agenda on you but instead facilitate personal exploration and growth.

Our role is to respect and honor your beliefs and experiences, providing a supportive presence regardless of your specific spiritual path.

What, where, and when | Co-learning at Still Lake Listening

There are a few ways to delve into your own journey of discovery, freedom, and healing through the practice of spiritual direction. At Still Lake we engage individually, and in groups. Do you have a sense of what will serve you best?

One-on-One Sessions

Spiritual direction is most commonly offered in one-on-one sessions. These happen in person (in Cochrane, Alberta), or online (using Zoom or FaceTime).

Sessions are one hour long and can happen as frequently as you wish. Many directees meet with their director once each month. Some prefer to connect every couple of weeks. Others will just reach out to book a session whenever they feel inclined to do so!

It is our wish at Still Lake Listening that sessions never feel transactional. While the fee for a one-on-one session is typically between $85.00 – $120.00/hour, we welcome all participants to pay as they can afford. There is always (always!) space for open conversation about this and we would never wish for someone to miss out on listening care because of costs.

Co-learning group sessions

If you are looking to explore interior growth in a small group setting, our “Unstuck” and other multi-session offerings may serve you well.

Deepen your understanding of Self and your own spirituality in a safe, facilitated, contemplative space. Together we explore difficult emotions and seasons in life; we get curious about holy mischief and resilience.

Group co-learning happens in person, or via Zoom. We offer weekly 2 hour sessions that typically run for 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the exploration. These can always be adjusted to serve you, or the community you wish to bring along with you!

Mindfulness Walks

Through Spring, Summer, and Fall spend an hour deepening your experience of God, spirituality, and Self-knowing in nature. These weekly walks invite a slow, silent, guided invitation to listen for your own soul.

Group spiritual direction

Group spiritual direction is similar to one-on-one listening, but in the company of a small group. Meeting together once per month (in person, or online via Zoom), each participant is offered spacious time to delve into their own growth. This is a uniquely non-judgmental time — there is no need to explain or defend. The group will simply bear witness to your story, engaging with open-ended questions and caring presence.

Your own church, wellness, or growth group

If your community is looking for a facilitated contemplative experience, we are at-the-ready to craft an offering just for you.

Your journey, your timing, your listener

What are you noticing as you explore the idea of spiritual direction? If Still Lake feels like a good fit for you, simply click below. You can call or text, too: 403.613.5241. We are here to be present to whatever this might all mean for you.

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