Quick Check-in | You Don’t Gotta’ Change a Thing

A two minute invitation into What If? and wondering about change, identity, and quiet mind.

Perhaps we do not need to change a thing?

Or maybe a very little shifting, disrupting, re-working will open up our lives to something Truer. More free. A little less shame and grim determination; a little more, “Oh! Could this be who I have been all along?”

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

~ Carl Rogers
A peach tree is just a peach tree. It isn't trying to peach. It isn't trying to tree. It just is. 

Pain + resistance = suffering

~ Unknown
I found it to be deeply healing to be part of a community that does not demand that I either explain or defend myself.

~ D. S.

Your own deep thoughts on change (or keeping things just as they are, thank you very much!)

What is your relationship with formation and transformation these days?

Does the idea of growth or change feel inspired and adventuresome? Is it too exhausting to entertain?

Reading the quotes above, what surfaces for you? Is there a, “Yeah! That!” in there somewhere? Is there a, “Nope.”?

Are you at ease with the “tree” that you are? Or, are you trying very hard in places that actually require only that you show up as You?

If the one you understand to be God-TrueSelf-Love was saying something to you about change in your life right now, what would that be?

Do you have a place you can go where you need neither explain nor defend yourself? Where you are welcome as you are — all of you, change or no-change? How does that interact with accepting all of you (shadows, light; healer, hurtful; every bit of who you are right now)? Does that kind of community or friendship affect your relationship with pain? With suffering? With building a life that you can love?

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