Can You See Love?


A guest writer and photographer offers lens and verse — a shared exploration of what it might be like to see Love.

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The Guest House | Big Emotions Welcome Here

The Guest House

The idea that big, difficult feelings all (all!) belong –like visitors to the guest house — can bring a life-changing shift. Even anger and resentment? Shame? What about sadness or embarrassment? You can make peace with big emotions.

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Compassionate Listening | How do I know if it’s for me?

Compassionate Listening

Compassionate listening was my ship’s-turned-over life boat. I stumbled head over heart, blindly and confusedly, into it just in time. My own spiritual director (compassionate listener) settled in across from me miraculously, I suppose? What would it be like for you to have a listener who gets it: you’re saying what you’re saying for reasons that are good enough for you. You are telling the truth; you are ready to explore all of what that “truth” might be about.

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