A Punishing Patriarchy | Things That Make us Say, “Youch!”


Patriarchy and matriarchy. The systems of Othering, besting, power wielding. We are marred by these systems. Complicit in their long reach for manipulation and control. And free to choose a life outside of the cages they demand we remain within. And so, a few rage-y thoughts by a gal gently growing away from matriarchy, patriarchy, and so much self loathing.

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Freaked About Finances? Pennies, Panic, and Permission


“We can all get good with money; we need to get good with our emotions, first…Financial freedom is for the few, but financial wholeness is for everyone.” Tiffany Aliche (NPR)

Sitting across from my own financial advisor, I notice a few wobbles: anxiety, hope, confusion, and an invitation to trust the process.

Are you feeling freaked about your finances? Money and big emotions are uncomfortable bunk mates. Can we find peace, and perspective in the middle of the mess? Who can we trust to provide support and direction?

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Atheism and Spiritual Direction | What’s God Got To Do With It?

Atheism and Spiritual Direction

Let’s talk about not-god. If you are agnostic, atheist, or “irreligious”, this (surprisingly?) may be the place for you. The interior life that accompanies atheism, agnosticism, and humanism is simply Human. We might call that “spirituality” if we offer “spiritual” as the very heart of, the core of, the deepest part of any human’s experience of their own Self.

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Wintering Woman | From Withdrawal to Wonder In 4 Uplifting Sessions


Are you feeling stuck, exhausted, lonely, or a little flounder-y? Maybe you find yourself wishing to pull back from things you used to love — or even from the people you hold most dear? You may be wintering. What if the place you find yourself in is exactly where you are meant to be right now? And could it be that your energy, hope, and spark just need a little attention in order to resurface?

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