Still Lake Co-Learning and Community | The 5 W’s

Still Lake

You’ve found the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of connecting here at Still Lake Listening. Read on to learn about one-on-one, group, and walking sessions. We are all co-learners in this exploration of Self and Spirituality. Here’s how….

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Identity, Spirituality, and Interior Growth

Identity Spirituality

At a cross-roads of identity and spirituality, disruptive (mischievous?) and uncomfortable questions can burble to the surface. This can happen at a crisis time in our lives. Sometimes it occurs when we reach a certain age, or milestone. Often, our own life is asking us to pay attention: Who am I? Who is God? Is God? When what we’ve always believed to be true shifts or wobbles just a little, it can feel like everything could collapse beneath us!

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What is a Spiritual Director Here For?

Spiritual Director

How do you feel about you right now? About God (however you might understand the Divine)? What is motivating you? Are you driven by the thing that is breaking your heart? Or is it the thing that makes you feel alive that is the impetus behind what you’re doing and how you are with yourself? What do you long for? A spiritual director is here to explore the unknowing and the knowing of life’s big questions.

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Spiritual Direction | 9 Reviews That Say it Better

Spiritual Direction

Something extraordinary happens when a Listener bears witness to our life. To our story. No judgement. Just wonder and curiosity. Curiosity expressed through patient questions that invite us to go deeper, deeper, deeper into what it is that makes us come alive.

Who am I?

Who is God? Is God?

What gives me joy?

What is breaking my heart?

This is spiritual direction.

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Joy | Finding Connection and Hope in Wobbling Times


Finding joy in wobbling times — how are you doing with that today? Have you noticed that things are feeling kind of foggy lately? Maybe a little surreal. Disconnected. Maybe you find yourself more inclined to reach for seclusion and comfort than in times past.

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Mindfulness Walks | One Curious Way to Find Self and Spirituality

Mindfulness Walks

Mindfulness walks are noticing walks. A noticing of what is happening right around us; an awakening to what is alive within us. What are your favourite outdoorsy smells? Fresh cut grass, maybe? Or rotting leaves and soft autumn earth? Imagine the moment when you step out of a dense forest and into a meadow. Can you recall a time when you were rambling along a trail and found yourself tangled in a spider’s web? What happens in you when you pause, become still, and allow a companioned silence to speak about You to You? The noticing of it all is The Thing.

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Death and Transformation | The Beautiful-Ugly


As we nurture our true, inner being, the leaves of our outer or false self change and fall away. This can be a kind of death. 

Sometimes that process is a slow and lingering one filled with beauty and transformation. 

Sometimes the pruning winds of experience and harsh reality rip them off. 

At other times? Rather than embracing the vibrant colours of change and joyfully fulfilling their destiny, they just quietly, almost shamefully, wither, turn brown and mold away out of existence in the hopes that no one notices.

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Grief | I Am Well When You are Well


Your grief is your own. But you already know that, hey? You might feel the support of those that care so much about you; you know just how much of the stuff of sorrow is moved through alone. There are as many ways of Being With grief as there are humans to grieve.

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Can You See Love?


A guest writer and photographer offers lens and verse — a shared exploration of what it might be like to see Love.

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The Guest House | Big Emotions Welcome Here

The Guest House

The idea that big, difficult feelings all (all!) belong –like visitors to the guest house — can bring a life-changing shift. Even anger and resentment? Shame? What about sadness or embarrassment? You can make peace with big emotions.

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